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BethlehemThe cradle of  biblical history, Bethlehem is located five and half miles from Jerusalem no town in the world has such a glorious history or exalted status as Bethlehem. It is  birthplace of Jesus Christ, is three times holy, being revered by the followers of the three heavenly religions. It contains the shrine of Rachel,  it is here that the Prophet Muhammad prayed on his way to Jerusalem. He is reported as having said, “When I was taken on the Midnight Journey to Jerusalem, Gabriel took me to Bethlehem, saying, 'Alight and pray two raq'as, for here is the birthplace of your brother Jesus, peace be upon him', and then I was taken to the Rock”. The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem ranks amongst the most important Christian Holy Places throughout the Christian World - perhaps it is even its holiest. Millions of Christians around the globe relate to this place through the One, Jesus Christ, who was born here.Throughout the centuries, millions of Christians have visited the Holy Land to affirm and deepen their faith. In the coming year, should peace prevail, many more will make the journey. Should war continue, however,  please make your pilgrimage by having a candle lit for you or for your loved ones at the Nativity Church where Jesus was born. Let us all pray for peace in the Holy Land. Let us light thousands of candles this Easter in Bethlehem, where Jesus, The Prince of Peace was born.

Shepherds Field 
The area to the east of the city is traditionally believed to be the area of the fields of the shepherds "keeping watch o'er their flocks by night."  Several churches have been built to commemorate this event.   Even today local shepherds can be seen tending their flocks in this same area (even on Christmas eve!)                                                                                       
 Mar Saba Monastery
The Greek Orthodox monastery of Mar Saba or Saint Saba's Monastery; 14.5 km east of Bethlehem and a further 6 km from St. Theodosius; is considered to be the oldest ongoing inhabited monastery in the Holy Land and one of the oldest inhabited monasteries in the world, founded by Saint Saba of Cappadocia in the year 439.
The immense and spectacular monastery built into the rock overlooking the Kidron River, with its griddle of walls and towers, is a thrilling shock when it suddenly comes into view in the midst of this desertland.It represents a way of life unchanged since the time of Constantine. It has 110 cells and sheltered 4000 monks in the 7th century although today it only houses ten monks.

Despite the fact that Mar Saba is reputed to have had a long tradition of hospitality to strangers, women have never been allowed to enter. This regulation persists today, so female visitors must be satisfied with a glimpse of the chapel and buildings from a nearby two-storey tower on the right entrance, the so-called Women's Tower.

The Herodian

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Hebron located some 36 km south of Jerusalem, is the largest West Bank city with some 160,000 Palestinian residents. It is famous for its industries and for its vineyards and grapes.Hebron is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Canaanite Arabs came to this area around 3000 B.C. The Canaaites were visited by the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) about 1900 B.C., when he came to dwell in the city. The city was destined to contain his remains, and those of his family, Sara, Isaac, Rebkah, Jacob and Leah. Legend has it also that Adam and Eve are also buried here. The location of their tombs was the reason that Hebron became the second holiest place in Palestine for Muslims.Throughout the centuries, the city of Hebron was a constant target for Persian and Roman invaders until the Islamic conquest during which the city prospered and Muslim emirs and caliphs showed unwavering concern for the city. The ancient architecture of the old city, which goes back to the Mamluk and Ottoman periods, witnesses to the development and sophistication of the city of Hebron

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JerichoJericho is believed to be one of, if not the oldest cities in the world. It was also the first city captured by the Israelites upon entering the land of Canaan following their 40 years of wandering in the desert after the exodus from Egypt. Ironically, Jericho (along with the Gaza Strip) was the first territory given to the Palestinians by Israel as part of the Oslo peace agreement in 1994. Before the outbreak of the Palestinian War in 2000, the Palestinian Authority had been developing the town in hopes of making it a major tourist attraction, most notably erecting a large casino and hotel at the outskirts of the city.Jericho sits between Mt. Nebo in the east, the Central Mountains to the west and the Dead Sea to the south. In addition to these natural fortifications, Jericho also benefited from natural irrigation afforded by the Jordan River approximately four miles to the west, and from underground tributaries from the Central Mountains which fed her famous oasis. This irrigation resulted in teeming plant life and helped to transform Jericho into a flowing sea of green in an otherwise barren desert. Besides being old, Jericho is also one of the lowest cities in the world, about 800 feet (244 m) below sea level.

Hisham Palace

Monastery of st.Georg
Mount of Temptation
 The Dead Sea

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Ramallah Rāmallāh (literally "Height of God") is a Palestinian city in the central West Bank,adjacent to al-Bireh. It currently serves as the de facto administrative capital of the Palestinian National Authority. With a population of nearly 25,500,Ramallah was historically a Christian town, but today Muslims form the majority of the population, with a strong Christian minority.Modern Ramallah was founded in the mid-16th century by the Haddadins, a Jordanian tribe of brothers descended from Ghassanid Christian Arabs

Arafat Tomb

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Nablus an Arabic Canaanite city, is one of the oldest cities in the world, possibly first established 9000 years ago. It was first named "shechem" meaning shoulder or high land, then "moborta" from of the Aramaic name "Mabarakhtha" or the blessed one, on the side of Maborta. Titus, built the new town - Flavia Neapolis, in 70 A. D., in honor of Flavius Vespasian the Roman emperor at that time.
During the Ottoman rule, Nablus suffered, like other cities of the Middle East, from the retarded state of education. Schools were first established in the middle of the 19th century during the short reign of Abraham Pascha, but maintained their existence in the following years when the Ottomans regained control of the region. On 11 July 1927 the town suffered a major earthquake. Much of the consequent damage to buildings was never repaired and the ruinous condition of many of them may well have encouraged the inhabitants to move outside the old city to build their new houses, although some new building to the north and west of the old city had already been undertaken before 1927. The arrival of the motor car increased emigration to the slopes of Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal where new roads allow vehicles the easy access otherwise denied to them.Nablus city is the largest city in West Bank after Jerusalem. It is situated between and on the slopes of two mountains: Ibal (940 m.) above sea level, and Jerzim (881 m.). It is located (69) km. north of Jerusalem and (42) km. east of the Mediterranean Sea. It is rich in archaeological and historical sites: Tell Balata, Jacob's well, a Roman theater, and the Jewish Samaritan Community. Jacob's well is marked by a church built over the site in the fifth century and maintained ever since. Additional buildings were added during the sixth and twelfth centuries and finally in 1908.

Jacob's Well

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